BREEAM Communities

This new BREEAM scheme helps planners and developers to improve, measure and independently certify the sustainability of development proposals at the planning stage.

BREEAM Communities targets the planning stage of developments, and assesses the eight categories that are used in the Regional Sustainability Checklists and already familiar to many local authorities and developers.

  • Climate change and energy
  • Place making
  • Transport and movement
  • Resources
  • Community
  • Buildings
  • Ecology
  • Business

Aims of BREEAM Communities:

  • To mitigate the overall impacts of development projects within the built environment
  • To enable development projects to be recognised according to their environmental, social and economic benefits to the local community
  • To provide a credible and holistic environmental, social and economic sustainability label for development projects in the built environment
  • To stimulate demand for sustainable communities (and sustainable communities) within the built environment
  • To ensure the delivery of sustainable communities within the built environment

The complete BREEAM assessment comprises of 2 stages:

  1. Design Stage: Completed at outline planning (voluntary)
  2. Construction Stage: Completed at detailed planning (mandatory)

A BREEAM Communities assessment can be carried out for domestic, mixed-use and non-domestic development projects. On new Greenfield, brownfield or infill developments. Major regeneration projects can also be included.

The final score calculated by Abbey Consultants is a measurement of how well the planning application and its supporting documentation have performed against the complete range of assessment criteria, within the compliant assessment framework, at the point of planning submission.

Once successfully certified by Abbey Consultants using BRE Global's quality assurance system, a labelled result of Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent or Outstanding will be awarded.

Abbey Consultants are proud to be one of the first Consultants in the UK who are able to offer the advice and assessment service for this new BREEAM scheme.

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