Eco Homes balances environmental performance with the need for a high quality of life and a safe and healthy internal environment. It is a credit-based rating scheme, which is voluntary at present in the UK and designed to be used against new dwellings as well as major refurbishment projects.

All new dwellings in England require a rating in accordance with the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) since May 2008. Eco Homes remain as an assessment method for new dwellings in Scotland, and for refurbishments in England. BRE advise that it also applies to dwellings for which funding was in place based on Eco Homes prior to May 2008, even if the planning process is still under way.

What can Abbey Consultants offer?

Full Eco Homes Rating

A fully licensed EcoHomes Assessment completed on your project performance at a "pass" to "excellent" standard. The result will be presented as a BRE Certificate.

Eco Homes Review Assessment

A complete assessment without the formal BRE certification. A full report will be produced with improvement options to bring the project up to the required standard. The report format can be issued for use in the Licensed Assessment to remove duplication of cost.

Eco Homes Design Advice

Design advice is offered to ensure that all options are considered from conception to build stage and is available to all parties involved in the supply chain or design team. Issues such as :

  • Identifying features
  • Sustainable material options
  • Ecological aspects
  • Basic design guidance for Eco Homes Assessment

Post construction Review

A full review can be offered to ensure that the design advice has been implemented with complete accuracy.

General guidance

A desk top study, working from development documents can be given to take the potentially detailed study forward in a simple but effective manner. All advice and work is carried out with the intention of making sustainable improvement affordable.

Abbey Consultants are licensed Eco Homes Assessors, trained and accredited by the BRE.

We are qualified and experienced in the following:

We are also qualifed in and can provide: